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Learn to speak Creole

Learn to speak Creole, Creole for English speakers
Why I’m doing this?
I’m a Haitian woman raising two kids in America, I want to preserve our culture and pass down our language because knowing your roots is important.
Teaching kids creole is not an easy task because there are very few resources on the language. Thank you racism and classism. Sarcastic font.
For a long time, even in Haiti Creole wasn’t considered a language. The country has adopted the French language from the colonizer and stuck with it, even though eighty percent of the population don’t speak fluent french. Creole has somehow become a lesser language and a tool to enforce classism. If you were of a more prominent family and educated you’d only speak french and only use creole to address your servants. Smell quasi slavery doesn’t it? Yep! It’s messed up. But that’s what racism and colonialism taught us... to hate our hair, our skin, our language but hèlas! We are fighting and hopefully little by little our kids can move away from that mess.
Speaking creole was somehow, something the less educated do, so when people would immigrate to the US or anywhere they would just let the language go and not teach it to their kids. As a result, we find a lot of kids of Haitian descent who don’t speak creole. And Since French is kinda a hassle to learn, we ended up with a disconnected generation of people hungry to connect to their roots but unable to. 
We spend a lot of time criticizing each other over this issue. You have the woke Haitians shaming others because their kids don’t speak creole. I’ve been on the receiving end of that many times, even though my kids are okay creole speakers.  I got this idea over the holidays because it came up a lot among friends and families at gathering. There is this huge disconnect, the older generation who doesn’t speak English and the younger generation who doesn’t speak creole. It’s sad! 
So I decided to do something about it. I’ve always been intentional about teaching my kids creole even with all my efforts my kids are still so-so speakers.
Again, lack of resources, books, and audiovisual material makes it hard because teaching the language relies solely on mouth to ear. They pick up what they can.
Creole is an established language, but never got the respect it deserved.

It’s been a long road. I didn’t learn to read creole until secondary school, this is when they started including it as a real language course in school curriculum IN HAITI!  Anyone older than me never had that opportunity. Creole wasn’t taught in school until the 90s y’all! My mom was a teacher and she had to go through so many learning sessions to adapt to the shift.
That’s messed up for a country whose majority of people speak the language. 
Anyway, if you are one of the woke Haitian shaming other Haitians because their kids don’t speak creole in a foreign country STOP! 
I want to help by creating simple and basic creole lessons you can use to teach your kids or learn yourself. The hope is once they learn the basics they’ll be able to catch up being around families, grandmas, and whatnot.
This system works for my kids, hope it will work for you too.
If you are not Haitian and would love to learn the language, you are welcome. 
Fill out this short survey, it will help me figure out where you are and how to craft the lessons.

I will create short weekly lessons with printables and video to practice, I created a Facebook group where you can connect, ask questions and practice.

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