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Meet Lyne

Hi, I'm Lyne and this is my blog!

[email protected]

I'm a South Florida African-American mom blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, encourager, shoe lover, DIYer, Software Engineer. I get to be the mom to two amazing little girls.

Who is Lyne and is this blog about?

What is this blog about?

I Love shoes. Heels make me happy:) Hence the name Anointed Heels!

5 years ago, my life took some weird turns. Everything I thought I had was gone. I wasn't "me" anymore. I knew I had to take back control and get re-acquainted with myself again. At that time, all I knew was that I like shoes. I love my family and I have a little bit of faith so I started to chronicle my journey of finding me. 

As I grew, so did my blog.

For over a decade, I worked as a software engineer. A few years ago I lost my job which forces me to rely on my creativity to earn a living.

Now I take care of my babies and build my online business and help other women do the same. I'm finding out this was my ministry all along and exactly where I'm meant to be
It is such a joy learning to be their mom. 

Faith and family are my passion and it is reflected here on my blog.

I share everything from encouraging words, my parenting experience/advice, cooking, smart money, healthy living tips to hair care and shoe addiction.

Now this blog has evolved into a wonderful place for encouragement and helpful tips for women.  
Mothering on purpose and with passion!

Meet my crew

My girls and my fur baby Petey. We adopted him a few years ago, and the three of them have been inseparable ever since. The Bible doesn't say anything about angels disguised as dogs, but I think Petey is our angel. He guards and protects us, he provides unspoken love and "counseling" to my kids. After the divorce, Petey played a huge part in the girls emotional health. He loves to run wild, chew on things, and cuddle. They love to play outside, go to the beach, and run in the park. 
We live in Florida so that's kind of our thing...

Read more about them here

My girls! 
They are full of sass and class. Just like their mama they are little fashionistas. They love to dress up, play in my makeup and try on my shoes. They love to read and write little notes... LOL 

Together, we love to eat food, cooking, DIY crafts, fashion, everything Disney, traveling (Check out our last year travels here), and anything girly & fun.

My mission is to help them be all God want them to be... Mighty women of God!

Healing starts with a grateful heart

I've realized I wasn't going to climb out of my awful pit by whining and complaining.

A grateful heart is key to thriving out of hard places, which is why I started the "Grateful Mondays" series, to start the week on the high note. 

Be sure to JOIN in! (there's a FREE handbook along with weekly encouraging emails)

I had no idea that my fun little corner would be the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial ventures. 

Since starting this blog, I have launched two T-shirt sites, "So grateful" and "She Frenchy" and I'm working on a book... I'm so excited! 

I have had the pleasure of working with so many different brands right here on the blog. Ultimately, my goal for this blog is to not just work with brands but to be a true partner in sharing information, telling stories, building excitement and nurturing strong relationships.

My favorites and most popular posts

I wrote a book!

A beautiful journal of affirmations to help cultivated self-love and confidence.

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2016 Southern Blogger Impact Awards nominee

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I provide family friendly written content as well as videos :-)


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