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Which vegetables Can You Grow in Dry Climates?

by - March 11, 2020

You may live in a dry climate but want to have a vegetable garden. Living in a dry region of the world doesn’t make it impossible to have a garden. There are many drought-tolerant vegetables you can grow in your garden.

After hurricane season, Florida gets dry, which is a bummer since this is also when it gets cool. It is nice to go outside and play in the garden but it is too dry. There are plenty of vegetables who actually love the dryness and will yield great results.

Today I am going to share some of the best vegetables to grow in dry climates so that you can reap the rewards of having a garden. Growing your food helps ensure you eat healthier and know where your food came from. 

What Can You Grow in Dry Climates?

These are just some of the drought-tolerant vegetables you can grow when you live in a dryer region of the world.



Bush and Pole Beans

Some varieties of Broccoli

Chards ( Swiss and rainbow) I start them in December and by February they are ready to eat.





Most Sweet and Hot Peppers

Leaf Lettuce

If you do live in a dry climate you must take a few precautions before attempting to grow any of the drought-tolerant vegetables I referenced above. 

Check Your Soil

Be sure your soil has enough nutrients to support these drought-tolerant vegetables. You’ll want to see what pH level each vegetable needs then test your soil to see what the current level is. Most compost and premium fertilizers will help get your dry climate soil up to par for these drought-tolerant vegetables. 

Consider the Sunlight

Generally speaking, these vegetables will need about eight hours of direct sun per day. Since most drought-tolerant vegetables can withstand high temperatures and longer hours under the sun, you won’t have to worry a lot about growth and sunlight. The biggest tip I can share is that you may want to have an awning or shade cloth up so that your vegetables don’t get burnt during growth. 

Setup Proper Irrigation

Since you’re planning to grow a garden in a dry climate, you’ll want to take into consideration the proper way to get irrigation to your vegetables. While my list of drought-tolerant vegetables won’t need a lot of water, they’ll still need some. Consider using drip irrigation set up to ensure your dry climate tolerant vegetables grow healthy.

These are just some of the tips to grow vegetables in a dry climate. Many regions all over the world work hard to have a garden and grow plentiful food every day. The key is to use my tips to properly set up your garden and make certain you’re growing drought-tolerant vegetables for the best harvest.

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