100 I am statements of affirmation to speak over your life and your daughters

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  1. I am courageous
  2. I am unstoppable
  3. I am victorious
  4. I am loved
  5. I am gifted
  6. I am anointed
  7. I am called and set apart
  8. I am chosen
  9. I am successful
  10. I am destined for greatness
  11. I am healthy
  12. I am whole
  13. I am confident
  14. I am forgiving
  15. I am grateful
  16. I am generous
  17. I am a giver
  18. I am strong
  19. I am favored
  20. I am able
  21. I am powerful
  22. I am a woman of character
  23. I am a woman of honesty
  24. I am a woman of integrity
  25. I am trustworthy
  26. I am driven by integrity and values
  27. I am a leader not a follower
  28. I am a mighty woman of God
  29. I am blessed in city and blessed in field
  30. I am blessed going in, and blessed going out
  31. I am a tree planted by the stream waters
  32. I am fruitful
  33. I am of a sound mind
  34. I am at peace
  35.  I am free of worry and anxiety
  36. I am free of depression
  37. I am creative
  38. I am inspired
  39.  I am transformed
  40. I am energized
  41. I am renewed everyday 
  42. I am a money magnet
  43. I am a joy magnet
  44. I am a peace magnet
  45. I am a magnet for success and wealth
  46. I am a magnet of love
  47. I am a magnet of positivity 
  48. I am a worshipper
  49. I am thankful
  50. I am happy
  51. I am worthy of living the life I want to live
  52.  I am worthy of positive and healthy relationships in my life
  53. I am worthy of love
  54. I am prosperous
  55. I am positive
  56. I am smart
  57. I am bright
  58. I am kind
  59. I am brave
  60.  I am decisive
  61. I am worthy of all the blessings coming my way
  62. I am worthy of love and respect
  63. I am compassionate
  64. I am learning everyday
  65.  I am resilient
  66.  I am a survivor
  67. I am grounded
  68. I am bold
  69. I am caring
  70. I am patient
  71.  I am hopeful
  72. I am emotionally well rounded
  73. I am unique
  74. I am passionate 
  75. I am valuable
  76. I am an encourager
  77. I am a work of art
  78. I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  79. I am great
  80. I am awesome
  81. I am fabulous
  82.  I am amazing
  83. I am prepared to succeed 
  84.  I am fulfilled
  85. I am wise
  86. I am a thinker
  87. I am a learner
  88.  I am dedicated
  89.  I am ambitious
  90. I am resourceful
  91.  I am unlimited 
  92. I am a hard worker
  93.  I am skilled at all sorts of things
  94. I am productive
  95. I am always safe and divinely protected and guided
  96. I am creating the life I desire
  97.  I am precious in God’s eyes.
  98.  I am complete
  99. I am enough
  100. I am God’s masterpiece 

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