Them 40 year old hands

By April 23, 2019

I just started watching this show Younger. The story plot is about a 40 years divorce mom trying to get back to work in publishing but couldn't get a job. *Ageism* So she made herself pass for a 26 year old to get the job.
In one of the episode she hurt her shoulder and her doctor said she had "40 year old arms" which apparently is a thing!
Later on, at the nail salon the Korean manicurist told her the same thing, her friends from work came to her defense saying she's only 26 to which Korean lady reply "you can fool the face but you can't fool  the hands. These are some 40 year old hands."
I quickly inspected my own hands to see if there was any truth to her theory cause Korean nail lady knows best and always tell the truth and specialized in truth that hurts your feelings
And dang! She's right!
I've always had a baby face and small frame. As far as everyone can tell I'm about 25. People who are roughly my age treat me like teenagers.
I'm almost old enough for mammograms...
But when I inspected them hands they sure were betraying me. Which is why I started on a quest to repair my hands.
...but, I got lazy and forgot.
I'm a germaphobe, I wash my hands like I'm about to scrub into surgery every single time, so to say I suffer from dry hands is an under statement.
As if mother nature is trying to send me a message, just heard Marlon utter these line on his new show: "your face looks like black life matters, but your feet scream we shall overcome"
Of course I did a quick check, to sadly find a patch of dry skin on my big toe.
I quickly apply counter defense with a tub of raw Shea butter but dang!?!
I don't have any gray hairs yet but mother nature is coming for my hands and feet.
What was your first sign of aging?

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