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What Have I been up to?

by - January 14, 2019

horse manure for gardening

I haven't been blogging so what have I been up to? 
Since I’ve been MIA from the internet streets, I’ve done all the things! 

Start a new job, Ok, it's been almost 2 years but I've been gone a while.
I bought a new house, moved! Go back to school, and made some solid attempts at having a social life.

To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement. 

For starters...

Y’all there is a pile of horse manure sitting in my yard! Nope, not one TWO pile of horse manure in my yard!

This is not a metaphor for any kinda deep life meaning thing; there is an actual truckload of horse sh*t sitting in my backyard. The kicker: I asked someone to please pretty please come dump their horse manure in my yard.

Country-level achieved: Expert

Remember I use to garden in my little pots, soda bottles, any kinda container I could find. 

I enjoyed it. It was fun. Soooo

I got so confident in my gardening skills that I thought I was ready for land gardening. You know like an actual farmer!?!


Usually, by this time of the year, my garden would already be popping, greens ready for Thanksgiving dinner, herbs for the turkey, Christmas dinner, January soup all of that.

Growing Swiss chard

This year in “land” gardening, I can’t seem to finish de-weeding the spot let alone start planting. But all is not lost; I went back to what I know I started some Swiss chards, kale, and spinach in a pot. The spinach are dead but the swish and kale are doing OK.

Growing Swiss chard

I had a guy come over to do some cleaning for me, He was looking at me all crazy saying “oh you have all that space and you plant your garden in pots”?

Sir Judge your mom! M’kay?

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  1. You've been doing awesome, lady. Awe-some!. Keep up the good work and, congratulations on your new house.


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