5 things to keep in mind before the Black Panther premiere

By February 12, 2018 ,

This week is gonna be epic for Marvel Comic fan and even more for black people. I happen to get the double whammy, I'm huge Marvel fan and I'm here for all the regal Melanin happening.

I got hooked on comics a long time ago, my first memory was probably when i was 4 or 5, playing the HULK. I was "L'incroyable Hulk" I picked up a big rock to show my strength and fell backward with the rock probably hitting me me in the head. I think I passed out, cause the next thing I know was my mom going full on Hulk on my butt.
didn't. *spank* I.  *spank* tell. *spank* you. *spank* not. *spank* to. *spank* pick up.*spank* that heavy. *spank* rock!

Anyway I didn't get into Black Panther until later, but I'm all caught up on all Marvel movies and I'm geeked out of my mind!

I got fabrics to make our outfits, tickets reserved, day all planned out... 

I was excited when Captain America Civil war came out but this one is next LEVEL excitement.

So if you are as excitement as am I and making all kinda plans here are some things to keep in mind.

1.When  you're going to see Black Panther next week DO represent 

2.Do rock your Ankaras, African Prints, Crowns, Turban, headWraps

3.rock your fro, braid, bantu knots twitout whatever make you feel extra and proud!

Be extra!

4.Do talk to the kiddos about the movie why we make such a big deal out it and why we are being extra. It's not everyday we get to see such grandiose display of black excellence... Make good use of it.

Also makes great conversation starters for black history month.
On a side note... 

5.Be mindful of other people sitting behind you if you are rocking your crown higher than normal. 

Be kind!

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