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Enjoy the holidays without the stress

by - December 18, 2017

Enjoy the holidays without the stress

I love the Holidays, from thanksgiving to new Years! I love it all! I love everything about it. The food, the presents, the togetherness...

But every year, between Church Christmas programs, multiple kids Christmas recitals, Christmas parties, Christmas photo-shoot for Christmas cards, shopping.. I would miss it!

So many activities, I get lost in activities and miss the whole thing!

Two years ago I decided, I would no longer drive myself banana, I will be present and enjoy time instead of things!

Not dreaming about the future, not reminiscing about the past, not lost in activities, Just be present!

Just me and my favorite people!

Enjoy the holidays without the stress

- I stopped sending Christmas card, turn out no one cares! I don't think people even notice? 

Proven point that a lot of stuff we stress over don't even matter.

- I stopped attending parties just because. Guess what? No one cared!

I only do the things my kids and I enjoy doing and have fun doing. 

- I stopped shopping for everybody! I may Amazon a few things but I don't spend days looking for cheap junk to gift everybody!

The people that matter only need and want your presence, not cheap presents!

The one that don't... won't care or even notice...

And the kids, they don't even remember the expensive gifts, they only remember the silly moments.

This holiday season take the time to be present in the present!

Have some silly moments!

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