Checking in.

By September 29, 2017

It's near the end of the new month. I don't know why I'm even saying new month anymore... It's has been a breath-catching roller coaster ride since the end of summer.
The kids went back to school, then I went back to work after almost 3 years....
Then we had to deal with angry hurricane Irma
So yeah the month is gone and I haven't even said hello!
I had so much I wanted to share with you... we'll just have to roll over to the next.
But first thing first: I'm grateful! 
I'm so grateful to have made it through the hurricane with minimal damages, it was really scary watching this massive storm about to roll over my town I'm so grateful it shifted way out and the effects were so much more minimal than predicted.
I have some roof damages, broken window, and some water damages No one got physically hurt. Everything else can get repaired. 
Seeing the extent of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and realizing how fortunate we are, things could have been so much different.
I'm grateful! 

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