Summer Cooking Adventures - Homemade Sushi

By July 03, 2017 ,

Summer Cooking Adventures - Homemade Sushi
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Our summer adventures continue, We visited a new state, explore some of our local beaches we've never been to, this time we decide to tackle something new! 


I bought this sushi kit on amazon maybe two years ago, never did much with it, I tried and failed a couple time because I was using the wrong rice and seaweed wraps. 

I think I finally got it! I bought this new seaweed wraps it's the perfect size for my sushi maker.

This square green piece help measure how much rice to use, the little spatula help to spread it evenly.

Once The rice is placed I added my toppings which were crab meat, tuna, and carrots. I could have done better if I had planned to make the sushi but it was a spur of the moments thing, I had to use what I had in the house.

The hardest part of the sushi making process is the rolling and cutting but the little thingamajiggy here help facilitate both. See? I roll like a pro-ish

And there! 

Ladies and gents, we have delicious sushi freshly made at home. Out of all the gadgets in my kitchen, this Sushi maker kit, I'm really loving it. I can't believe I've had so this long and haven't used it much!

My girls and I had such a blast making them, we did a Facebook live of the whole shenanigans you can catch it here

Do you like Sushi? Would you try this?

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