It's Official My Tear Ducts Are Broken And I'm A Harden G

By June 03, 2017 , ,

By now everyone and their mamas have seen the new NBC hit TV show first season "This is us", I didn't watch live so it took me a little while to catch up. With school out, I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn... 

I'm binging and I'm binging hard.

From what I heard this show is a tear jerker and I can totally see why.

Well, I'm all caught up with "This is Us" and I did not shed a tear. Not a drop. Not even a little mist. nada. none.

I've had some heartwarming "aww" moments but nothing made me cried like I've heard everyone saying.

What is wrong with me? 
Maybe I've done all crying for this lifetime...

(I did a lotta crying when I start I usually don't stop)

These past few years I have been so fragile and broken any little emotional thing remotely relatable real or TV-real would've sent me into a crying frenzy.

Am I all desensitize and harden that emotional stuff don't faze me anymore? 

I'd like to think that my heart so well healed that emotional stuff don't faze me anymore?

I thought I would be crying in the last episode considering the whole dad dying thing is something I'm all too familiar with...

Why didn't I cry? I should have.

Anyway, I'm liking the no crying me.

Who have time for snotty face anyway?

Did you watch the show? Did you cry? are you a cry-er?

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