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We're all one step away from doing something drastic to our hair

by - June 05, 2017

If I was a good organizer, plan ahead blogger I would have made a video of the whole thing... you know since I did it myself and all.
I have been wearing my Natural hair for a good.. umh Holy crap & years!!!

I was about to say five years than I realize we're in 2017 and I big chop in 2011 anyway.

I've cut my hair several times since, and try to keep it fresh and interesting but Hair boredom is real.
Back in January, I had it straighten, cut and color. I have been Henna-ing since to keep the color vibrant and my situation moisturized.

But Boredom.

I have been low key eyeing lock hair for a minute, but I was kinda reluctant about the permanent-ness of the process but I'm running out of things to do with my hair.

It's time I stop fighting with my hair and let it do what it do. My hair can lock its ends overnight, which is the source of all my hair misery. 

When hair lock, it create tangled and knots and I spend hours detangling and removing knots. So to prevent said disaster I keep my hair stretch in a bun and keep it from curling and knotting.
It's high time I let the curl do what they do best! LOCKS!

I wish I made a video of the process but I didn't. It's only been a day and so far I'm loving it.
Now my hair just looks like a really dope wash and go but the curls are nicely clumped and lock together if it stays like that I would be a happy camper.
Again, it's only been a day so... stay tuned for the journey!
What have you done with your hair lately?

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