Going to #Blogher17? 5 things I'm Doing and you should too

by - June 15, 2017

I'm Roodlyne and this is my blog.

I'm a Single Mom living in South Florida. My blog aims to #SimplifyMOMLIFE.
I share about Lifestyle, CANDID talks. Encouraging words, healthy living, and faith.

When you see me at BlogHer next week I will look like this or close to it!

It's my first time attending this conference and I'm trying to get as ready as I can be.

Here are a few things I'm doing to get ready


I'm updating my headshot on my Social Media profile so when people see me they'll recognize me.
If you have your logo, you kids, your dog or some ambiguous looking photo set as your profile picture you might want to do the same.

"About Me" Page

I'm updating my "About-Me" page so when I meet a rep, brand or fellow blogger... They can get to know me at a glimpse.

If you haven't touched yours in a while you might want to do the same.

Business cards

I'm updating my business cards with accurate info, and make sure I have enough.


I'm getting a bunch of composition notebooks from the Dollar tree. Am I the only one who's obsessed with notebooks?
I want a Dream one, an idea one, new things learn one, and new contacts one.
Why don't I put all these info on my phone you say? 

I don't know... I did say I'm obsess

New Vision board

I'm putting together a brand new vision board of all the things I want to happen at this conference. I've been blogging for almost nine years but really haven't gotten anywhere. This is IT!
I want/need to breakthrough so I'm speaking, manifesting and putting all the faith I can muster out!

Are you going to BlogHer this year? 
How are you getting ready for BlogHer17?
Anything else I should know?

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  1. These are great tips! I share the same aspirations as you do! I've been blogging for 8 months now. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, having a mini vacay, and soaking up all the information I can! Hope to see you there!

    1. Can't wait to see you too. I'm so excited to be at this conference

  2. I'm going! I'm doing to brans speed dating event so I'm terrified!!!!! But I'm going to try my best to prepare and push through like a rockstar! Hope to see you there!


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