4 things you can do to make your month AWESOME

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I asked myself this question and immediately the little doubting voice in my head responded
"what can I do" I panicked!

Seriously, what can I do? It seems like months are just flying by, days are smooshed together, everyday is a race against time.

So what in the hay can you do?

First off:  Keep working! You're doing a better job than you give yourself credit for. You didn't make it this far sitting on your hands, you're gonna be OK! Don't sweat it, keep pushing. As long as you don't quit, you ARE winning!

Speak Life because your life will take a direction of your words. As a man thinks in his heart so is he, proclaim daily affirmations over your life, your home and family. Trust me it works!

Journal your life because history matters. Some days you will need to rehearse a past victory to be able to make it through today's struggle. Remember David and Goliath? When he was faced with this giants he pulled out an old victory, the lion and the bear, to remind himself if he was able to make it in the face of a lion and a bear he can win in the face of the giant.

Go after your dreams: Execute your ideas, if you fail you will learn something. Do at least one thing that will put you closer to your goals. Stop thinking about it and start doing something about it. You will never know until you try!

What are you gonna do to make your month Awesome?

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