Attitude of gratitude

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I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, end of the year celebrations are my jam! 

Not just the holiday time but the spirit of it all. The spirit of Thanksgiving, giving, love, family... 
It's something I celebrate all year long, but the holiday makes it so much more because everyone else can join in. 

Thanksgiving, giving, love, and family time shouldn't be just a season. It should be more of a lifestyle.

Having a lifestyle of Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and ham or giving presents and traveling to visit families. It's about having a grateful heart, an attitude of gratitude.
It's about love! It's about family! It's about  finding the good in everything! 

It's about shifting your perspective. There's always gonna be awfulness around, there's always gonna be pain and discords and hatred and mean facebook posts. 

You have to train your focus to see the goods in everything and learn to be grateful for them.

I have someone I know... more negative than the minus sign, just a grumbling, and discontent person. It shows in everything they do, even when that person takes a picture. I handed that person my camera and told them to get some good shots at a party... Looking at the pictures they took, they caught people digging boogers, chewing ugly, and just the worst side of them. 

I was sad that I couldn't share any of those ugly photos of my friends. So I did a retake and gave the same camera, the same group of people to another friend! 
The second friend took some shots you would think I had hired models for my party.
It dawn on me the first batch of pictures were great photography but it portrayed the people in a negative light. The second batch also great photography but portrayed the best of them.

I remember God spoke to me and say it's a reflection of who they were.
The negative shots only reflect how that person see and feel. They can only see the ugliness because they never train their eyes to see the goods around them.

The second reflect the joy and love of the photographer. And their ability to see the beauty and the good.

If you ever find yourself only seeing the ugly side of life... Check your gratitude meter.  
Gratitude will fix your perspective.
Gratitude will train your heart to see the beauty and good around you.

Make a decision to be grateful today! This holiday season and in the coming year!

We're on the last stretch of the year, Let's make it a good month!

Happy holidays

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