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I don't know how to do a movie review without spoiling it LOL I can tell you this much, pass the tissue.

This is the movie synopsis:

"On the night Suzanne Waters celebrates her retirement, she is faced with a series of crises that she could not have imagined. Trusting God’s direction, her “North” becomes clear as she takes in a delinquent teenager, Eli. Her connection with Eli reveals a miraculous blessing that brings her and her son David’s family through healing and a joyful confirmation that God has a plan for each of us, our “True North.”

What is our purpose in life? How do you know when it is really God talking to you?  If God dropped an opportunity to help someone on your lap will you
be ready? Would you be able to put judgment aside and show the love of God to someone albeit questionable?

This movie will definitely have you in your feels. It is such a beautiful story of devotion, love, forgiveness, faith and God’s direction. 

It's clean and kids friendly, I watch it with my girls and we all enjoyed it. God's Compass is streaming on Pureflix. Use this Free 30 days trial link to watch it. I promise you will enjoy it.

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