How Your TV Habit Correlate to Your Emotional Health

By October 25, 2016

Many moons ago back in college, I wrote a paper about how the media contribute to violence in young people.

I was so passionate about that subject I did both of my English papers on it, I did my speech paper on it and even conducted a research paper for my psychology class around media and behavior.

Over a decade later, I'm experiencing how true that was.
Depend on what I watch on TV I can feel sad, happy, depressed, angry and even paralysed with fear. 

Which of course is the goal of good television, to incite emotion in you of some sorts. Unfortunately, not all emotion are created equal, I can do without some of them.

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I found that my depress spell had a lot to do with my TV habits, The kind of shows and movies I was watching.

After hours and hours of counseling and praying, I realise that my relapses was only part my own crap but a good portion of my problems was to the shows I was binging on.

So my point is you have to watch what you watchYou need filters, you need to be selective, you need to raise your standard... That's just good self care y'all!

Over the years, I've made a lot of changes to my TV watching habits. 
I filter a LOT!

After getting rid of my cable, I got a few streaming subscriptions, PureFlix was by far my favorite! I can watch any movies with my kids in the room and not have to worry about language, sex or violence surprises. 

I started watching all these great movies on PureFlix with my free trial. I was so please with the service and quality of the content,  it's clean , encouraging, and uplifting

I'm a sucker for feel good, inspirational movies. Plus, these stories are family friendly they don't give me nightmares or leave me feeling scared and depressed. 

One more reason why I love PureFlix, I don't have to be like a western cowboy with the remote everytime I hear my kids coming. 

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Watching TV without filters these days is like using a windows computer without an antivirus.

You have to guard your mind, and filter what you let into your soul! 

Have you ever experience similar emotions after watching something? 

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