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This is a sponsored post by Giving Assistant. All opinions, of course, are mine alone. #sponsored

Hola chicas,

It's been kinda hellish around these parts, between back to school, hurricane scares, being sick and the fact that I have to be a morning person. It hasn't been easy. My only solace is this new website I found: Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a cash back website that gives the highest cash back rates for stores that sell high-quality products ranging in all categories you can think of- beauty, home goods, food, tech- you name it.

Shopping at eBags saves you 12% cash back, at Macy’s 6% and tons of others gives you great return percentage. My favorites are Forever 21 with 6%, Kohl's and Amazon

I was able to get ramp up my savings during back to school shopping. 

It's a great way to save on purchases. You can even combine cash back with coupons to save more and more dough!

It's a great way to bless your favorite charities, that you probably don't have the budget for but can still give through purchases. It's a win-win!


Not yet? give it a try and let me know how you like it in the comments.

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