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Influential Christian women bloggers - The ultimate List

by - June 21, 2016

Even though the world is telling us to lose hope in people, There are still a few of us women of God who desire to be “better”! 

A few of us that choose love over hate, a few that choose to be joy bringer, happiness grower, encouragers, and all around light that shine in the darkness.

Lately, our world has been turned upside down, we are faced with so much negativity, hate, and harshness.  One could say there's no hope for humanity, with everything that clogged our minds, steal our joy and our peace.

Some of us support this bold idea:

IT’S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT! it's okay to swim against the tide!

These women are being the change, they are passing smiles and sharing hope.
Let's be a bringer of good news, a sharer or positivity. 
Our world needs to know about them, we can all use some good news!

Let's shine the light on positivity! 

Get to know them!

 Hi! I'm Lyne Anointedheels

Mandi Buckner

Lynda Thorn

Andrea Updyke

Kathryn Sneed

Katherine Shorter
Toiia L. Rukuni 

Shannon Mischuk

Alyssa Darby

Alicia Peiffer

Julie Kieras

Tyshia Ingram

Mel Lockcuff 

Stefanie Davis

Cyn Gagen 

Carolyn Leanne

Desiree Townsend

Arnitris Strong 

Brandi Riley

Amiyrah Martin

Becky Taylor

Rachel Cunningham

Dee Dean 

Danyelle Thomas 

Toni Patton 

Tasha Edwards 

Briana Johnson

Kelly Foster  

Cece Harbor 

Marina John

Courtney cox Huggins  

Latonya Moore 



Rachel Rockwell

Sarah Philpott

Laila McCloud

Stacy Molter

Vanessa Roberts



Jen Reyneri 

Sami from 

Bernetta Jackson-Knighten

Tasha Smith 

Andree E Writes

Cynthia Wright

Ariel Driskell

Tamika Hall

Angela Cannon Wells 

Taniqua Russ

Kristin Kimble

Alicia Gibbs  Http://

Shiraune 'Rauney' Samuels

Patty Boone

Valencia Joy

TaKenya Hampton

Tamara Nicole South

Vyce Moses Johnson 

Ashley Carter 

Dawn Rochelle  Http:// 

Kiki Price

Trista A Purpose Driven Wife

Nic Sharpley Abraham

Curvy CEO
Do you know anyone I might've forget? 

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  1. Great list. Bijee at and Jessica at are two of my faves too.

  2. So honored to be among these great women.

  3. Thank you for including me on the list! I'm super honored and excited to share with all of these amazing women of God!

  4. Me!! Brandi with

  5. Great list & bravo for spreading positivity! I too am a blogger who's a proud Christian. I enjoy being able to blog about style and other topics, but whenever I write an inspirational or uplifting post, I must say those are my favorite!


  6. Very impressive post. It is very relevant and accurate. Thanks for sharing

  7. It is very useful and informative. Thank you for sharing


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