DIY little girls skirt - Upcycle a dress to a skirt

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I was cleaning and updating the girls closet, I made them a fashion capsule for the month to keep them organize and to get them more independent. I have two headstrong little girls with a capsule everything are already pick out so whatever they choose to wear is fair game we don't have to fight about it because everything has been pre-selected and approve by the three of us.

During the process, we came across a lot of pretty things that we have to give away to the exception of that golden dress. She calls it her twirl dress. but the dress was getting snug up top and a bit too short for twirling so decided to upcycle the dress into a spanking new gorgeous skirt.

Now she can twirl for days!

The process was pretty simple, I didn't have to cut anything. I just took it apart the skirt part the high waist and the top, I discarded the top and sew the pretty ribbon onto the skirt part!


perfect upcycle twirl skirt!

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