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15 indoor summer things to do with your children

by - June 02, 2016

It's summer, you say... why would you wanna be indoors right? Well, Living in South Florida summer is more indoors than you think.
Now you have to keep in mind that south Florida is a rainy place in the summer. You may not be able to have outdoors time for days at a time, you have to really pay attention to the weather and plan around it. You have to plan for rainy and way too hot-to-be-out days. Wherever you are these indoor activities should be tons of fun. I hope you won't be spending much indoor time this summer. However, should it happen...

15 indoor summer things to do with your children

  1. Engineered something! 
  2. pretend plays. Let them do a makeover!
  3. Kinect, Wii so they still stay active
  4. Books to read
  5. Eating outside on the patio
  6. living room camping
  7. paint and play
  8. go to a pottery house
  9. Make something handy
  10. Bake something fun (Pizza, cupcakes...)
  11. Dress up and/or tea parties
  12. Hold a family knock-knock jokes competitions
  13. game board palooza
  14. Popcorn and a Movie night
  15. Just Chill | Free play anything goes
What are your plans for summer? Want to share a fun summer activity with me? Traveling? camping? staycationing?
Dish out in the comments or FB or twitter... whatever let's just chat!

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