Mini fashion capsule picks Girls clothing under $30

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I guess I should have prepared myself for this difficult time. The hard realization that my babies are growing up, and they no longer want to wear their adorable matching puffy Sunday dresses. I remember when I revolted against them too, my mom must have been devasted.

My babies are growing up! 


I had them take a look at some new style to see what they'll choose and these are a few of the stuff they picked out.

I actually like these new outfits, best part they are all under $30. I've included links to

Amy Byer Big Girls Aztec Lace Legging Set blue shirt and white legging

Beautees Little Girls 2 Pc. Solid/Prt Skirt Set red top and skirt come in aqua blue too

Amy Byer Big Girls' Color-Block Sleeveless Dress coral and blue dress

Acediscoball Little Girls' 3pcs Set Outfit Floral Coat T-shirt Tutu Skirt Dress coat and tutu dress

Bonnie Jean Little Girls' Boucle Plaid Legging Set with Fur Pink Legging set

LaLaMa Little Girls Kids Tutu Flouncing Leggings Tights Culottes Pants Gray Tutu Legging

My mom never lets me choose my clothes, which was awful since clothes and fashion next to oxygen give me life. I had to cut and modify everything I had to match my taste. On the plus side, I got my sewing skills and creativity from the experience.

Anyway, I'm gonna miss the adorable puffy dresses with matching hats.

When did your kids start making their own fashion choices?

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