Spring is here! Fabulous Wedges under $50 from Amazon

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I have been on a shoes shopping ban since last spring, as you all know I'm a proud shoe addict. My little problem hobby was getting out hands when I started running out of room to store my boxes. I like to keep my shoes in their original boxes so they don't get hurt by my wannabe fashionistas. 

I had no more shelf to store my shoes, I needed to some of them away, before I could buy again. Since I also suffer from shoe attachment disorder it was a bit hard.
Thank God for cruel friends who will cut the cord for you while you curl in corner and sob gently.

We manage to give away a huge portion of my collection as hard as it was, it turn out to be a win-win. I got to bless people and in turn, I get to shop!

With Spring fast approaching it's to get the toesies out to play. I'm a big fan of Jessica Simpson shoes, they are affordable and of good quality, I have a few myself and I'm never disappointed. 

I was browsing around and found some really cute one to take your Spring fabulous-ness to the next level

Jessica Simpson Women's Bethani Wedge Pump I call it the red diva, range from $26.78 - $98.00 the grayish one and the bubble gum pink ones are at the 98 mark all the other ones are way under $50.
Jessica Simpson Women's Mera Wedge Pump This Ankle beige is still kinda flat with a little 

Jessica Simpson Women's Arista2 Wedge Sandal animal print one

Sugar Women's HUNNIES Wedge Sandal Spring has sprung! This one is definitely a spring staple, looks great with maxi dress or jeans

Jessica Simpson Women's Camelot Wedge Pump I love anything with a bow on it. The Black one with the bow is a bit more conservative with a dash of fun.

Jessica Simpson Women's Jinxxi Wedge Sandal A good pair of nude shoes is also another spring staple it goes with anything! 

I can not wait to start styling this new shoes! What are your Spring fashion staples?

Which pair of wedges sandals are you dying to try?

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This post contains affiliate links.  I will use the money made to buy more shoes! 

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  1. I'm loving that tropical print with the rope wrapped heel - but I am on a shoe shopping cleanse too. Must. be. good.