Track Santa Christmas Party #CVSHolidayHacks

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 My "track Santa Christmas party" has been sponsored by CVS. All opinions are mine alone.  #CVSHOLIDAYHACKS 


Merry Christmas girls!
It's Christmas eve y'all! I love traditions, they are great memory makers. Something about the repetitiveness of things just makes it stick.

This year might the girls last Santa magic year, I'm hoping for one more, but just in case we are going all out and making the best of it.
We have an early Christmas eve service tonight, after that we are going for a drive to look at lights, then we coming home for a track Santa Christmas party.

A few of neighborhood kids are coming to read stories and watch Christmas movies with us. And we are going to eat snacks!

 We have greek yogurt pretzels, cashew caramel crunch, chocolates covered pretzels and "grown-up" coffee to boot! LOL

I have this 100% arabica donut shop  ground coffee blend so needed for my 
elf-ing job later.

I am loving this new tradition, while we call it tracking Santa, we are actually talking and reflecting on the real meaning on Christmas. 

I'm glad I didn't have to go all crazy planning this little get together for us. I was able to get all my goodies at my local CVS store, with no hassle.

What are some of your Christmas traditions? 

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