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Hello November! It's my birthday month, it's a celebration of Me!

by - November 01, 2015

It's November oh YEAH! are you ready oh YEAH! 
I need someone to write me a song about November... a really cool song I can dance to it like DJ Lance and the gang!
November is AWESOME!!!

I'm super excited!

Hurricane season is over, the weather is changing it's almost time for fake boots and leather. 

November is like new years for me, it's the month I get my extra year, the month I push my reset button.
The month I make goals and set to accomplish mighty things because I feel super mighty.

I have some pretty cool surprises in stores for you guys, I will give you guys the scoop on my actual birthday. 

The very first scoop... I'm doing NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo November 2015

I'm so totally going to need your support on this one! 

NoBloPoMo is short for National blog posting month. Where bloggers including will commit to posting every. single. day for the month of November!

Since it's my birthday month, and I'm feeling all super and mighty and stuff... I'm going to do it!

I need your help, your support and your love this month and I'm not too ashamed to ask.

If I'm going to make it through "NoBloPoMo" I can't do it without you guys.
Here are ways you can help me:

Leave me comments
Share my post on Twitter
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Email to your friends
Tag me on Instagram

Just let me know you're with me

It would be my perfect birthday present :-)

Wish me luck!

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