Happy ThanksGiving Loves!

By November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving loves!

I pray and hope you are enjoying the 3 Fs today, food, family and fun! I absolutely love thanksgiving, I enjoy all the cooking and all the people around, but more importantly I love that we get to corporately be thankful.

we get to reflect together and be thankful for the little things,  and the big things.

With less than 5 weeks left in the year, it's also a great time to stop and reflect on the past and gear up for the new year too, I know I am.

Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, while they can be great time for most. Praise God this year is a great one for me, it can also be one of the most depressing time for others.

Some may be going through life changes that will not allow them to be near family, or they simply have to where to go and are all alone.

Today I wanted to take the time to reflect and pray for these people, and also remind them, they too, can be grateful and keep a spirit of thanksgiving.

God is not through with you yet, your best days are still ahead!

This too shall pass, no matter what it is it will pass, the storm don't last always. The sun always come through after the rain.

So today rejoice and be thankful even if it's just for air.

Have a great day and Happy thanksgiving!

PS: I will be hoping on Periscope a few times today for some thanksgiving shenanigans, Join me for some fun! 
My Periscope handle is of course @anointedheels see you all there!

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