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#typeAcon Type-A Parent 2015 Conference Recap

by - October 13, 2015

 The most influential ladies in the blog sphere dropping knowledge

 Hi Girls,
I just got back from the Type-A-parent conference in Atlanta. I'm on a major conference high, I don't know if everyone else is feeling like I am, or if is it a newbie thing.

In all the years I've been blogging, I have never been to a blogging conference. In the light of my new career shift, I already knew it was an imperative that I attend a few in the coming year. God however sort of move things along in my favor. I was able to attend one of the most awesomeness conferences around.

Quick sidenote: We can accomplish so much more in one day with God's favor than we can in years of labor. Amen! somebody?

If you didn't know already I won my conference pass, from then one everything else just sort of working itself out.

I got to travel with my blogger boo Danie from Okdani, we had a blast! She was originally supposed to be my extrovert wing woman, in case I get all deer-eyed, froze and couldn't connect with people... new crowds freaks me out.

Fortunately, I didn't need her at all! At least not in that capacity.

Type-A was just cozy and intimate, it feels like I already knew everybody. It was friendly faces and smiles all around, almost like a family reunion with cousin Pete all around! 
We all had so much in common, we all like bacon and s'mores bar, we like afternoon parties and wine, we like to dress up and we like to share! Who knew?

I felt right at home.
The sessions were as just amazing, I learned so much it's going to take me the rest of the month to go through my notes and unpack all that knowledge. 

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend this conference. Seeing and hearing about all the amazing things women like me are achieving, my confidence is through the roof, I'm so ready to take my blog business to the next level. 

I really believe it was divinely appointed, God already knew the tools I'm going to need to grow my business and He strategically place me there for such a time. 
I'm beyond GRATEFUL! My heart and notebook are FULL!
How was your weekend?

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