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A year in the garden! From seeds to table

by - September 04, 2015

I love to grow stuff! As you can see I grow onions in a cup, I grow pepper in a one of the upside down thingy, I use my aeroponic tower, pots whatever I can find!
last year I did really great, growing 80% of the greens and salad my family eat. This year I wanna go all out and utilise my little dirt area. 

I had some decorative plants and a palm tree growing there for almost 8 years and I'm pulling them all out to turn the area into a edible garden. 

It's both exciting and tiring, I've been pulling this trees out since July... Boy did they put that roots?

I'm on my last phase, my seedlings are almost ready for transplant. 

My plan is to have greens ready for thanksgiving #squeal

I can wait to show you guys what I've done with the place.

Any of you doing any gardening?

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