OOTD: How I wore my African-style outfit and How I style the head wrap

by - June 02, 2015

This African lady at church always wear the most beautiful dresses with extravagant head gears with bold tribal print fabric I can only dream of finding one day. I guess she notice how I'm always drooling over her outfit so she gifted me with one.

Isn't it bee-you-tiful?

The prints, the cut, the details in the skirt are simply breathtaking!

I could not wait to wear it, but first I needed to master the perfect the head wrap. I stated to play with the head wrap, this is what I came up with!

As for the outfit itself? It style itself, all I needed was shoes to go with it. I went super light in the jewelry department and I think it came together quite nicely.

What do you think of the outfit? 

Do you like bold print?

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