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Summer S'mores: Stackable Sandwich 10 minutes recipe

by - May 29, 2015

10 minute S'mores Recipes

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Last Christmas with all the talk about Santa and chimneys, my girls and I begin to talk about fire, in all the talk my little one mention she's never seen fire!

WHAT?!? Never seen fire? I couldn't believe it, but after all investigations I realize she was right. Like any good mother I had to remedy the situation.
That's how we got our fire fire pit!

Living in South Florida, owning a fire pit is bit hilarious, since it made all my friends who visits me laugh.

Anyway my fire pit may be of no use for warmth BUT it's is winning major points in the fun and cooking department! Roasting hot dogs, shrimps and anything you can fit on a skewer.

One of its major highlights: Making S'mores! Oh Yeah!

There are plenty of other creative ways to make S'mores: microwave, regular oven, kitchen torch... with a bit of imagination sky is the limits. 

However there is just something extra special about marshmallow roasted over open fire. 

The smell, the color, the gooeyness... UH-mazing! 

S'more stackable sandwiches are the perfect dessert for an at home camp out afternoon. It is quick and easy, delicious and tons of fun for the kids.

Things you'll need for your sandwich stack

  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars (sold in 6pk at Walmart)
  • Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares (exclusively at Walmart)
  • Kraft’s Jet Puffed Marshmallows
In a plate lay down your Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares full length, break the chocolates 2 pieces on each side of the crackers kinda like this.

  In a skewer hold the marshmallow over the flame for about 45 seconds

or until they get a nice caramel color and you can see the gooey

Slide them over the layer of chocolate and cover it up with the other slide of cracker. repeat this step to have a stack of 4 layers.

In less than 10 minutes your mouth will be thanking you! 
Is S'more strictly a winter thing for you?
Have you ever try to make S'more in the summer? 
What's your process? 

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  1. We love s'mores here too! My husband even tried to light our fire pit one cold, winter day so the boys could roast marshmallows - of course, it started snowing and the fire never did light so we made them in the oven. Still delicious :) #client

  2. I am dying! YUM! We tried s'mores with Kit Kat last weekend on a camping trip but good ole Hershey's is always the best!

  3. My boys are camping this weekend. When I grabbed the marshmellows at the store a lady asked me if I was go to camp.

  4. gotta love me some s'mores, especially with all the outdoor events to come this summer, they just can't be beat :D

  5. LOOOVE S'mores. I think I will take five of your recipes.

  6. I haven't had s'mores in ages! Brings back great and yummy memories!

  7. S'mores really brings back memories. While I have my nephew over, I should make some.

  8. I love creating memories with my niece and nephew over food. We will have to try making s'mores one soon.1


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