My memorial weekend "fun" or lack thereof

by - May 27, 2015

Hola chicas!

How was your memorial week end? Mine was eventful, not the kind I like but nevertheless eventful.

My girls was participating in a fun run at school to raise money for their technology department at school. I normally hate fund raising, selling candles and cupcake, boohoo, I'd rather write a check and get it over with, but this one was different, It was cute. They were so determine even a bit TOO determine.

35 laps completed

So determine my bug in preparation for a run on Friday decide to run 11 laps the equivalent of 3 miles on an empty stomach, very little water on a very, very hot day! Then she insisted on making the fun run on Friday which she did another 21 laps.
Determination in the flesh!!!

I wanted to go yell at her coach! I mean who let a 7 year old run 3 miles before lunch? 


It was a blessing I was chaperoning a field trip for my kindergartner's class and we happen to be on school ground, I took them both home, but with her system weaken by dehydration and possible heat stroke we had ourselves one EVENTFUL memorial weekend.

we all back to normal and anxiously waiting the last few days of school. 
Thank God!
Welcome Summer!

How was your week end? What's your summer plan?

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