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Mother's Day Recap: I Have the sweetest kids in the world

by - May 20, 2015

Hola Chicas!
I know I'm a bit late on my mother's day recap but I had to take my time to savor my moment!

My kids are young, so I already know they won't be going shopping for gifts and doing anything big for me. 

I kinda expected the normal cuteness like in previous year my little bug would keep yelling at me "Happy birthday mother's day mommy!" She sang happy birthday and got me to blow a pretend candle for mother's day. 

So Yeah, I expected cuteness, hugs and kisses and maybe a drawing but they went all out and blew me AWAY.

I don't know what you got for mother's day but my gifts beat breakfast in bed and shopping any day!

I was so full with the outpouring of their loves.

I made a little video showcasing all my presents, here... You have to see it!

You gonna melt into a pile of motherly goo! I promise!

How was mother's day? did your children surprise you?

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