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Back To Life, Back to Reality: Spring Break Recap

by - March 23, 2015

Hola Chicas!
I trust you all had an awesome week, some of you are still getting winter, but at at last we can all talk about beautiful weather without threatening and hating LOL
Now we can all get along! 

So last week was our spring break, we started off with a poolside picnic 

Never mind my dirty plate, but I gobble the first one and forgot to take a picture but I really wanted you guys to see this yummy deliciousness.

 So good even the picky five year old couldn't resist.

Then we headed to our Spring break home. 

So that was my week basically, I can listen to that waterfall for at least 6 hours... Trust me it's proven and tested!

These two can and will actually stay in the pool for a straight 6 hours, I'm just glad I don't have to hold them in them in the pool anymore. 

All the swimming lessons are finally paying off, they can now be in the pool alone without me turning into a prune with them. I can sit and relax poolside, 

(Just an arm reach away of course! This is as comfortable as this mama can get #helicopterMOM ) 

enjoying the sound of the waterfall and taking cute videos of them.

We eventually made it to Hollywood studios to check out the famous pumpkin turn into gold carriage. Who's excited about Cinderella?

Enjoyed a little snack somewhere in San Franscico-ish...

Then we spend some time with our Frozen friends... AGAIN!!!

How is it that Anna and Elsa can still light up their eyes like this?

Of course when you in the middle of the action you can't actually take a picture so I can't exactly show you guys my trips to space aboard the the star wars ship. LOL

All good thing must come to an end, so today is back to reality. 

Wishing warm sun to all!

How did you enter Spring? Is it Spring break yet in your part of the world? 
What's on the menu? Share with me in the comments :-)

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