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Swiss Chard Salad with Sweet Basil and Thyme dressing

by - January 29, 2015

Introducing Swiss Chards

Swiss Chard is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. In some cultivars, the leaf stalks are large and are often prepared separately from the leaf blade. The leaf blade can be green or reddish in color; the leaf stalks also vary in color, usually white, yellow, or red Chard has been bred to have highly nutritious leaves and is considered to be one of the most healthful vegetables available, making it a popular addition to healthful diets (like other green leafy vegetables) 

Nutritional values

Swiss chard is high in vitamins A, K, and C, with a 175-g serving containing 214%, 716%, and 53%, respectively, of the recommended daily value. It is also rich in minerals, dietary fiber, and protein.
All parts of the chard plant contain oxalic acid. (taken from wikipedia)

I grew some swiss Chard on my tower garden because they were pretty, gives a quick turn around and are pack with nutritional values. However I hate greens! 
I do not like them Sam-I-Am I do not like green... 
Excuse my sudden need to go into Dr Seuss mode, when you have 5 year olds it happens! 
Carry on!
Which is why I have to always find creative ways to sneak them in my body. 
Remember the Collard greens Smoothie? 
The chard didn't turn out as good in a smoothie as the collard green did, so I figure out another yummy way to eat them.
Let's get started!

I pick them of my tower, you can get yours from the farmer's market, organic store etc..

I chop them off to make a salad

The red parts are the stems not the tastiest but the look so pretty, they might even trick you taste bud into thinking they taste good

Now for the tasty dressing, I'm using Thyme and sweet basils from my tower.

I chop them off and added a spoon of extra virgin olive oil

To taste, I added Coarse sea salt, pepper, paprika and Jerk seasoning

Mixed it all up

and TADA! This nutrients pack easy peezy mini salad is 5-7 years old proof and greens hating mommy approve.

How do you eat your greens?

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