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Ways to earn extra cash before Christmas Tip 10: Sell your service Pet Sitting #12daysOfChristmas

by - December 20, 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, I hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for Christmas. For the past few weeks I have been sharing ways to earn cash for the holidays, in a series of blog posts. In this series I promise to share some ways you can earn some extra cash before the big day.

Today is day 10 and the tips is:

Sell your service: Pet sitting

Yesterday the tip was babysitting, today's tip is similar: Pet Sitting

Again with the holidays also come a lot of traveling and families with pets are left scrambling trying to find a safe place to leave their furry buddies.

if this is your kinda thing, you can start offering your pet sitting services to friends, families, and neighbors.

To a pet owner, it is such a relief to know that your furry friend is in a warm environment
with someone they know instead of some expensive boarding house.

I have a lady at church who does that. She's watched my dog and several other friends in multiple occasion when we had to be out of town.

she charges half of what the boarding house would charge and the level of care she provides is so much better.

So if you are a pet lover who doesn't mind having a few furry friends around you can certainly cash out on it during the holidays.


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