Ways to earn extra cash before Christmas Tip 3: Selling on eBay #12daysOfChristmas

by - December 10, 2014

Hi guys!
I hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for Christmas. In this series I promise to share some ways you can earn some extra cash before the big day.

Last time I share  tips on de-cluttering your home and make some cash in the process by having a garage sale and trading goods in the Amazon trade-in program

If garage sale or Amazon trade-in is not for you, here's another way you can Kill 2 birds with one stone, cut the clutter and make some cash to cushion your Christmas spending.

Selling on eBay

The best thing about  eBay is that you can sell anything! By anything I mean anything. The old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure" really do come into play with eBay.
You can sell almost anything on eBay to earn some cash. From clothing, shoes, toys, stuffed animal, old collectibles, jewelry etc!

I have seen people selling pine comb, empty toilet paper roll, tumbleweed, empty Altoids boxes... especially now for the holiday, crafters needs these kinda stuff. So sky's the limit with eBay.

You do need an eBay account and Paypal account tie to it to start selling.

If you have any question on how to get started feel free to ask.
Have you sell on eBay before?

Have a tips on how to earn some cash? Please share!

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