I'm grateful for letting go #30DaysOfGivingThanks

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Can you believe I still have cute little ducky print pajamas from college? 

That I still wear? 


One might say I have a bit of an issue with letting go.

If I'm working on a craft, or sewing something and I mess up instead of throwing in out I would come up with gazillion ways to re-purpose my project before I throw it out. 

This process usually cost me more time, more material and more time than not I still ended having to throw it away cause it didn't work.

I've go issues!

Change is hard, letting go is not easy.

There are times to dig your heels in and fight, but there are time the best fight you can put up is letting go.

unfortunately, I'm still working on learning the difference.

They say that some people are in your life for a season, some for a reason, some to stay. if we're not careful we try to turn the season people into permanent one and that's a bad idea.

because they come with an expiration date and pass their due date they can be detrimental to your future.

I had this happen to me, I held on to someone way past their due date in my life and it ended up being a very expensive mistake.

Throughout this ordeal one thing I learned is that if you have faith enough to say goodbye, God will bless you with a new hello! 

and for that I'm grateful!

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  1. my pastor gave me some great advice about that the other day for something i'm going through - she told me let go and let God :D

  2. I think we all struggle with letting go in some way. but this post was a nice reminder that letting go is sometimes the best thing for us:)

  3. I found this difficult until I had a child, now I simply don't have time for those people anymore.