Wordless Wednesday: The Doll Tutu

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It all started when I went looking for a puzzle floor mat for an activity I was planning for on saturday!
I went to walmart, Target, and finally Toy-R-Us where I endedwith not only floor mat but an army of princesses and a lovely cutie we decide to name Shimmy. I don't know the logic behind 5year old naming convention so I ran with it.

All the princesses were dress for the ball but Shimmy and DivaGirl were a bit casual.
So the bugs and I went to work.I held the elastic band, little bug tie the Tulle and big bug takes pictures LOL

Shimmy's before and after picture
Shimmy and DivaGirl are ready for the ball

How's your day going?
What did you do this week end?
Did anything fun with the kids?
Leave me a link so I can check it out!
This was suppose to be wordless, but who am I kidding I can't shut it! LOL

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