Seasons and Blessings

By March 31, 2014

I once read something about season… I guess I must have read it, since I dunno much about seasons, the only seasons I know it HOT-RAINY, HOT-DRY, and HOT.

Ok the thing said: “everything happen in its season…

People come into your life for a reason or season…

You always entering or leaving a season…”

I may not know about 4 seasons (Not the Hotel) but I do know that you do get the most beautiful sunny sky after the WORST rainy sky.

I've had some nasty change in my “season” but even through the storms there's always a soothing peace that He got me!

He is my shelter.

There's a beautiful rainbow, a sign  of the promise that He will always be my shelter

for “You are my hiding place!”

I feel SO bless!!!

All I can say is I will bless the Lord at all time, may his Praises be in my mouth throughout all the season.

Has God been good to you throughout a difficult time?


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  1. God has been so good to me! Recently I was in a bicycle crash. Thankfully no cars were coming and no one besides me was injured. I broke my elbow but it was a clean break.
    I've enjoyed browsing your site. Stephany sent me over. Congrats on your award!!