Yes She Grows: It's Just Hair

By February 21, 2014

It was long!

I cut it
It grew back
Nothing get folks (by folks I mean family) twisted in a knot than hearing you say "I want to cut my hair"
So my hair is now 2 year old, and the old boredom is starting to set in, I think I utter the forbidden words in front of "folks"! oh lord!

mind you I don't think I have any real intention of cutting my hair at not just yet, I was talking about doing something new and fun so I mention cutting boy the wrath came down!

Wait a minute! did y'all notice I did it before and it GREW back? it's not that big a deal! it's my hair! I'll cut it if I want to, not that I want too (yet)

Why do folks go crazy over hair? have you ever cut your hair dramatically? What was the reaction you've gotten from friends and family?

This Post was written by Lyne A.

I'm a multitasking Christian mom to two exceptionally beautiful little girls and an handsome dog, I love Jesus, my family and I have a mild case of shoe addiction. I like Fashion, Cooking, DIY, all things girly, pretty and pink. I blog about my faith, overcoming brokenness through the anointing that brakes the yoke, my family's lifestyle and of course my shoes!

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  1. How did you get your hair so long in two years? Wow! I love it. My husband still hates it, but he has been encouraging with my choice.

    1. I keep my hair conditioned, and protected at all time. I have 2 little girls so styling hair everyday is not much of an option for me, so my hair is always in some kinda pin updo that can last the week and is office worthy. I guess it kinda work to my advantage.
      I hope hubby come around soon :-)

  2. your hair is gorgeous and it grew back FAST! I've cut my hair so many times, to only have it grow all the way down back down my back again. I don't get the obsession with hair's just hair lol. I think people just don't like change?

  3. Yeah it's the change. I'm so boring with my hair, I dont have a lotta time to do anything fun with it, after I'm dome with my kids hair, i'm all hair out so I always end up with the same boring pin-up.
    while it's been great keeping my hair protected, it can be a bit boring lol