Where did the time go?

By February 05, 2014

Feels like yesterday since I brought her home, yesterday was 6 years ago!

When I brought my little bug home, it seems like she would be my baby forever, but time prove that it's not going to be the case.

Who would have thought that six measly year can change someone so MUCH!
In between sleeping, eating, going to work and hanging out she has morphed into a little lady.
As much as I love watching them grow, it scares me!
It scares to think that there is high school ahead, college, getting married, having kids, making me a Grandma! 
Time is flying yes, but I'm privileged to say that I'm enjoying every minute of it. I do my best to give them the most important gift I can give them: my time!
How do you make the most of watching your kids grow?
How do you keep up?

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  1. **grabs tissue** It makes me feel some type of way too! Why are they growing so quickly??? Why can't they stay babies?!?! Why? Why? Why!!?? Sounds like its time to have another one.

  2. I did! and she grew too! so it's a losing battle, we just need to keep with the pace.