I choose JOY

by - February 03, 2014

I got Joy joy joy joy, down in my heart! down in my heart, down in my heart

I got Joy Joy Joy, down in my heart, down in my heart

If you've been in church any number of time you must have heard the message on  Joy and happiness! well I heard it AGAIN!
Although it wasn’t the first time hearing it, it was definitely a breath of fresh air. A real faith booster.

Joy although it manifest in the exact same manner as happiness, they have different source. Joy comes from the inside and it’s permanent, while happiness comes from the outside and fade away as soon as the object of that brings it pass.

for instance, I’m happy when I get new shoes, but that feeling quickly evaporate after the first or second wear, I’m happy on Fridays because it’s the week end but I soon as Monday rolls in my happiness is gone.

Joy is when the car broke down in the middle of nowhere and the GPS lost signal and about 1 hour late, you are able to take a breather and think about all the good things that you could be grateful for, and also remember that this situation is temporary and does not define your person or the rest of your life.

Lately, I have been focusing a lot on my “Happiness” I let so many little things get to me, and makes me less than cheerful. I talk to a friend who was sleeping in a car for two weeks, a friend lost her husband to cancer and she's left alone with a newborn.

Then it hit me! wow, I have been a brat! a totally spoiled brat!

I have so many things to be grateful for, a place to draw my “happiness” from, right down in my heart.

all I had to do was think about the roof over my head that doesn’t leak, my healthy, happy beautiful children, a mother who watch my kids when I’m at work,  4 inches heels for $39.99

I could fill this page with good things I’m grateful for, just as I could fill this page with stuff that pissed me off. The only difference is which ones I choose to fill my life with.

I choose JOY!

What about you?
What have bugged you lately?
What are the good things that happened in you life lately?

Which ones did you choose? are you choosing JOY?

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