Go Me! It's My Birthday! It's my Birthday! And a Giveaway!

By November 15, 2013

Hey y'all! Do you know what today is?

It's my birthday!!!

It's a party! it's a party! for me. me. me.

and exciting NEWS for you. you. you.

and a GIVEAWAY for you. you. you.

I. am. 35. Y'all! #catchbreath

Can you believe it? I can't either! I swear someone must have gotten my birth certificate mixed up cause there's NO WAY! LOL!
Last I check I was turning 21! I don't know where the rest of the years went. LOL

I'm so grateful for a new year of life and super excited for the awesomeness God is bringing into my life!

I am Yo gabba gabba excited!!!

#theBestIsYetToCome #WhyAmIUsingHashtags #Idunno

Next off my exciting NEWS: drum roll please.....

Today in honor of my birthday I'm launching my very own

Stylish Accessory Boutique!


and a GIVEAWAY for you!

I'm going to be giving away an item from my boutique for the next 3 weeks so stay tune. For starters I'm giving away this gorgeous and super classy ladybug studs.


The giveaway will run from today the 15th until next Thursday the 22nd, and the new one will start on that Friday.
Got it?
So now How do you ENTER?
1. Subscribe to my blog Here
2. Check out my Stylish Accessory Boutique, leave me a comment with honest feedback what do you think of my boutique, and how I can I improve and all that.

That's all you have to do

Now you can win extra entry by doing the following

Like me and share on Facebook
Follow me and share on Twitter
Follow me and share on Instagram

Let's have some fun today, after all it's my birthday!

now I'm off to go do the running man!

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  1. Happy birthday my love! I love your collection! Especially those ladybug pearl earrings! :) Congrats on chasing your dreams!

    And the Jesus bracelets... and ohh my.. the list goes on!

  2. The Angel wings and coral statement necklace and the courgae stack bracelts...LOVE THEM!

  3. I like the jewelry and the layout of the shop is nice. It's simple and the high quality product photos make it stand out. The FAQ page needs a tiny bit of editing but other than everything looks really very pretty. Congrats on the new business and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!