October is Domestic Violence Awereness month

by - October 30, 2013

Did you know that 1 in 4 women are victim of domestic violence? you didn't know? me either!!!
I first found out this from a very sweet fashion blogger I follow. Roquelle over at consider me lovely share about this last year though a video, where she share about her own painful experience with domestic violence. My heart break when I watch this video... who would have thought?

Exactly! 1 in 4!!!

There are so many hurt people all around us in our every day lives going through awful things that we may not even know about. I admire Roquelle so much for sharing her story, this is what it mean to let God use your pain for something good. I hope someone was inspired at least to talk about it. I know I was.

I know I had to say something, when a few days after I read Roquelle's post, I was suppose to go sing at an event, I had no idea what the event was about when I got the invite, but when I got there it was a conference by Yoked for a cause a ministry that helped women victim of domestic violence and such.

Women Worshiping and Praising God

God is so awesome!

None of these women was baring the "victim" label they were more than conquerors, I've heard so many awesome testimonies.

It was strength in display!

God had given them beauty for their ashes.

I left there feeling so encouraged. I think the lesson for me was to SPEAK UP! Be more open to let God use whatever it is I may be going through.

Through this experience I learn that nothing is wasted, God can use our pain if we allow Him!

so the word today would be to "SPEAK UP!!!"

if you need help "SPEAK UP!!!" you could be a 1 in 4 noone would never know unless to "SPEAK UP!!!"

if God already brought you through "SPEAK UP!!!" your testimony might be a blessing to someone who is going through the same thing.

"SPEAK UP!!!" even if to just start the conversation for someone who couldn't do it for themselves.

My prayers goes to all affected by this awful experience.

Let's "SPEAK UP!!!"

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