Something I Made: DIY Animal Print Pencil Skirt

By May 03, 2013 ,

forever 21 peplum top, DIY skirt, Tstrap Guess shoes, clutch LULU

 and the hurr is 2nd day twist out!

 can you tell I'm feeling myself?

 and we can forget the shoes!

It's been a while since I pull my sewing machine out of the closet, last week end I finally did and I'm glad I did!

I made myself 2 pencil skirts and a maxi one (Pictures to come).
I got this pencil skirt from Mimi G Style's 15 minutes pencil skirt tutorial I love how easy it is and how fast you can get a style upgrade. I've made this skirt at least 5 times now. it is so much fun getting to wear things you made yourself. I got a bunch of fabric a while ago, I was hoping to get some more sewing skills before I touch them, eh well I figure I can mess up this pencil skirt and it turn out so great I'm in love.

I've never worn animal prints before LOL expect in shoes of course so this my very first animal print skirt.

I'm feeling all kinda haute couture! LOL

On a side note, My photographer is 5 years old! she is getting so much better at taking pictures I can see our partnership going a long way LOL

What do you think of my skirt??

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  1. I wish I could sew. I need to take a class... ASAP. I love the belt over the peplum top too!

  2. you did well! it looks great

  3. It looks great. I keep saying I'm going to make me some skirts for the summer but my laziness takes over lol. I think you just expired me. Can't wait to see your Maxi dress.

  4. I meant Maxi skirt you said you made.

  5. Your skirt looks great! I love animal prints in small doses and love how you're wearing it with a simple top and heels. Your photographer did an excellent job too!