Monday Motivation: God is a good dad!

By April 08, 2013

Ps 103:13

A few months ago, my oldest baby girl turn 5, for her birthday she asked me for a Lalaloopsy dress, if you don't know what Lalaloopsy is don't fret I didnt know either.

there you have it!lalaloopsy dress
So I did a quick google search for lalaloopsy products, I found a few pajamas from walmart which were out-of-stock, amazon didn't have any so I sadly told her I'm sorry honey, I could find the dress, let pick something else. The day before the birthday, I went out to get party stuff, hats and candles and whatnots, on my way back I saw a marshalls (my favorite place) so I went in, check the shoes rack, browse through the homegoods and made a quick stop by the kids clothes... and what do you know? it's a lalalopsy dress just ONE in my daugther's size! not just some dress with the picture on it, the real thing!

birthday princess in her lalaloopsy dress

I know we sing all the time "How Great is our God" but what a great dad He is? to care about a toys dress, a make beleive dress? and I didn't even have to pray about, I mean you don't go "bother" God about something so trivial right? but He still cares!

I'm just blown away.

God is a good dad! He cares about the littlest details of our lives.

Praise God! Happy Monday!

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