Monday Motivation: Rerouting

By February 11, 2013

When in the middle of a trial, if you like me... the first thing you do is ask yourself "where did I go wrong?"
When the laundry list starts to form in your head, here also comes the guilt and condemnation. It feels like you mess up, no hope! you're at a dead end, and there no way out BUT it is so good to know that the mistakes I've made in life won't stop God from taking me to His destination, just a like the GPS he says "Recalculating", "re-routing", "look for the next legal U-turn".
For someone who get lost A LOT that speaks to me, more than once I found myself in dead end back roads but my GPS always takes me to the next legal U-turn.

My God is way better than the GPS!!!

Starting over is no fun, but when I know that my way is being caved out by the Lord Almighty I'm all kinda confident.

He hold my world in his hands, I'm not afraid my world is safe in his hands.
Check out this video of Israel singing he hold my world in his hand and share on the "Recalculating" effect simply powerful.

Have a great day! smooches!

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