In his image

By January 29, 2013

It may sound really cute and spiritual to be praying "Lord I wanna be more like you, I wanna be a vessel you work through..." or something like I wanna glorify you, I wanna be the Jesus that the world see. It's a great prayer just remember being more like Christ will require to live like him, love like him. God is love so he has the ability to love the unlovable, he loves the scums of the earth, for no reason at all just because of who He is.
Am I ready to love the unlovable? Love the Donkey-hole who hurt me? Is that even feasible? can I even do that Yes it is! God will never call me on an assignment he hasn't equipped me for. He has poured His love in me so I have enough to give to the unmerited jack-Donkey who thinks he's one over on me.
He poured his love so instead of biting my lips and have an internal aneurism because I'm trying to hold off from reading the riot act. I can smile with an open heart and say I love you anyway, no I'm not insecure, no I'm not afraid, I don't have low self esteem. I'm secure in Him, I'm loved by Him! I have more than enough of that sufficient grace that I'm giving some away! That peace like a river is flowing your way.
I'm secure, I'm confident, I'm gonna love instead of avenge I'm gonna forgive instead of holding a grudge. Yes! I'm loved like that!! and yes I can be like Him... Today! I don't know about tomorrow but today, I can.
Today I make the decision to be like Him, I'll make the decision again tomorrow and the next day and the next, if/when I miss a day, I dust off and get back.
Thank you God for grace.
Happy Monday!
Signed: "Work-in-progress"!!

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