Something I Made: DIY Vintage 1950s Ispired BoatNeck LowBack LavenderDress

by - December 12, 2012

Hola Chicas!
Today in the "Something I Made" series I'm sharing with you my
Vintage 1950s inspired BoatNeck LowBack Lavender dress design by MOI

I'm very please with the way my hands have been cooperating with my brain LOL. I envision something and my hand actually made it!
I’m super excited about that! I’m digging this whole designing and sewing process I’m like a crackhead can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine. I have new fabric waiting to be turn into clothes. I can't wait for my Christmas break so I can spend time with my sewing machine.

I got a few more tutorial videos I got from Mimi G I can't wait to get started on them.
Enough with my excitement… there it is!

I need a pro bono full time photographer

The whole design came about by accident, I found this pretty lavender shantung on sale I was gonna make another maxi skirt since I already know how to do it, but I didn’t have a top that would go well with the fabric and I didn’t want to end up with a cute skirt in my closet that I couldn’t wear so I opt for a dress.

I wanted the neckline of that wrap around dress with the maxi skirt bottom but it didn’t happen…

The design process
I could not picture how the wrap around neckline work so I move on to this instead, I found this old bridemaids dress in my sewing box so I went with this neckline idea

I made tons of mistakes!

Quick teaching moment: I love how mistakes teach us and sometime open other fun doors. Let the mistake teach us people! carry on...
I lay the fabric down and cut the neck based on the dress and made too big of a hole, I left no room for sleeves.
I hit a road block there LOL so I left and took a nap and I had it.

The back is my favorite part of the dress
I love the way the dress turn out, I happen to sew the whole top and didn't leave any opening for it to go over my head so I had to cut it open in the back, and add the buttons. The button ended up being the highlight of the dress.

a close up of the belted bow
And the bow! can’t forget the bow

The dress actualy got its name which I stole from etsy I saw a similar dress “Vintage 1950s inspired BoatNeck LowBack Lavender dress” after it was done, I wasn’t really going for that look but I love it.
Sometimes things don't turn out the way we plan them but they turn out for the better..."beyond what we could ask or think"

 The anointed Heels that brings it all together

That’s all Folks!
What do you think of my dress??

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  1. That dress is SO pretty! I LOVE the bow! I wish I could sew :-/ The back of the dress is my fave!


  2. Hi Roodlyne,

    Your website looks really great! Keep on Blogging. I like how you are creating your own brand and merchandise. Can't wait to shop in your store. I added your button to my page!

    All the best,

  3. Thanks Whit!I'm learning with online tutorial videos and blog DIY

  4. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you!

  5. Thank you Mimi! it is such an honor coming from my virtual teacher LOL

  6. That dress is GORGEOUS! I agree, sometimes the best part of something ends up being what started as a mistake.

  7. I love this dress!!! SO I'm going to send you my measurements and some fabric and you can make me one for my 40th birthday. #please and #thankyou HAHA!


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