I want butterflies

By June 30, 2011 ,

Sometimes life is weird.
Sometimes life is funny.
sometimes life is wrong.
sometimes life is plain unfair.

Ok. What I am about to share is not that deep but I was somewhat in the zone.

I love butterflies! They remind me if my childhood. We use to have a bush of purple flowers in our backyard where butterflies would come dance and play.
I adore watching them.

Since city life doesn't really give the luxury of garden and such, I made my own.

I have herbs pot, hibiscus with purple bush around them. I wanted to attract butterflies... they never came.

Until this morning, I walk outside to check on my herbs to find that my parsley were infected with caterpillars. Big caterpillars, small caterpillars, caterpillar's eggs all over.
I wanted spray them away, then I remember they might morph into butterflies pretty soon.
So I held my breath and let them eat away at my tender parsley bush.
3days later I checked again they were gone! Leaving half eaten parsley stems.
and their little creeping self no where to be found!

Darn ingrates! They could at least say: "hey! Thank you for your hospitality, we're going in our cocoons now, we'll fly by you later "
Does this sound like some people?
All I wanted was some darn butterfly!

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